How to build a rain garden

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rain garden

No wonder why so many people want to have a tropical garden. Whenever you hear someone talk about a garden in this style, your mind will immediately be enveloped in a romantic and exotic place that looks very relaxing and inviting.

When we look at a tropical garden, we think it needs to be meticulously cared for, which is wrong. Such a garden will require very little attention if (and only if) you do it with proper planning.

Planning is not only about designing the appearance of your garden, but also about choosing the kinds of plants you would choose; they do not require much care, but still have a role to play in decorating the garden.

I’m sure if you’ve seen a tropical garden or home with a tropical landscape, you’ll be very inspired to have your own. And with these tips, you are a few steps away from the tropical garden of your dreams.

Check the climate and soil type in your area

This is the number one consideration because not all tropical plants will grow in a certain climate. There are some that grow best in hot places and others that can tolerate mild winters.

If there are winter seasons in your area, plant tender plants in a pot and then plant them on the ground with mulch. When winter arrives, bring them inside.

You should also consider the amount of light each variety of plant will receive, because some plants, such as orchids, prefer filtered light. Also, be sure to check the type of soil because not all plants do well in a certain type of soil.

rain garden

Plan the layout and design of the garden

Take a look at your space and grab a pen and paper or use some landscape design software.Pay attention to existing structures and trees. Instead of chopping down trees, surround it with plants and make it one of the highlights of your landscape, especially if it’s a huge tree.

You can place other amenities in it, such as a pool, outdoor dining area, and others. Don’t forget about paths and walkways as well.

look for inspiration

If you’re running out of ideas about what to do with your garden, the Internet has something to show you. Find some existing tropical gardens and get some ideas from them that you can apply to your garden. You might even see some plants there that you might want to use. It’s okay to look at other people’s designs. It will be a huge help to you.

Install a shade cover

This is especially important for areas that are hot and dry. Of course, the best shade is a large tree. The shade of a tree can encourage the growth of other plants that don’t tolerate much heat. Some may even put a bench under it with surrounding plants.

I know you are thinking of a pergola or some structure to provide shade, but for a tropical garden trees will look and work best.

Fill the area with plants

Yes, lush foliage is very important for a tropical garden.

Remember that it mimics the look of a natural forest, with plants just growing everywhere and anywhere. So instead of grouping plant species here and there, let them live together, overlapping or even climbing on top of each other.

Density is important in a tropical garden.

Use large leaves

Since we talked about making your garden more dense, don’t limit yourself to ferns and other shrubs. Get some plants that have fat and large leaves. This will add a tropical feel to the area.

Plants with large leaves have beautiful colors and distinct shapes that will surely add more style to your garden. You can go for hardy bananas. They are not that hard to find.

Add vibrant tropical flowers

The more exotic the flowers, the better.The more colorful and vibrant they are, the more you will feel like you are really in a tropical garden! So don’t limit yourself to the usual flowering plants you see in your neighbor’s garden.

Choose ones that have unique shapes and vibrant colors. One plant with beautiful flowers that would look great in a tropical garden is canna.

Add a water feature

Your tropical garden wouldn’t be complete without water. It could be a pool, spa, hot tub, or even just a pond. If your space is really limited, a fountain will do.

The sound of murmuring water and the cool feel of it will complete the look of your tropical garden.

Add sculptures and other decorative elements

Complete the look by adding a beautiful sculpture, a huge rock, and other details you want to place in the garden. You can also add some structures, such as a tiki bar, or simply enhance the tropical feel of your porch by adding potted plants.

When you’re done with the plants, feel free to decorate, decorate and decorate!

Do regular maintenance

I know I mentioned that a tropical garden doesn’t really need a lot of maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you won’t take care of it at all. You have to make sure that every plant in the garden is healthy so that it grows healthy. Also, remove withered leaves and insects that can kill your plants.

You don’t need to do this every day, but regular cleaning will be necessary to keep your garden beautiful.

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